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Out Story

Our Journey

One day I thought to myself, I wonder how I can make beer and that there had to be another way to get good craft beer cheaper.  I started searching online on how to brew beer and found several ways to make it and it was cheap. Or so I thought.  Little did I know this hobby would turn in to an obsession.

After many weeks of watching videos online, I decided to buy my first brew kit and started brewing.  The first beer was not what it should have been but it was drinkable.  Never try to make a pumpkin beer your first beer.  After a lot of trial and error I started to get the hang of it all, and this is where it has led me 9 years later.

I joined a local Homebrew Club ReHAB and met many great homebrewers that have been brewing forever.  They taught me so many new things that I never thought possible.  

My passion for making beer and making good beer is never ending.  I am always learning new ways to make it better and new ways not to do.

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